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Gate Valve Extensions

Gate Valve Extensions Heavy Duty (NEW)

Gate Valve Extensions Stainless Steel (NEW)

Gate Valve Extensions Tube (NEW)

Gate Valve Extension Kit

Gate Valve Extensions (Telescopic)

Gate Valve Keys

Fire Hydrant Keys (In Ground)

Gate Valve Key (Ring / Bar)

Gate Valve Key (Telescopic)

Gate Valve Keys (Telescopic / Heavy Duty)

Gate Valve Key (Standard)

Gate Valve Key Stainless Steel (NEW)

Valve Key (Universal / Telescopic)

Gate Valve Speed Wrench

Fire Hydrant Wrenches

Curb Stop Key

Curb Stop Key Stainless Steel (NEW)

Meter Lid Key

Curb Stop Key (Erie Minneaoplis Style)

Meter Key (Pentagon Style)

Meter Key (Flag Style)

Meter Key (Telescoping / Pentagon )

Hand Wheel Key

Curb Box Rod

Curb Box Rod Stainless Steel (NEW)


Probe Stainless Steel (NEW)

Universal Pipe Supports (Adjustable)

Individual Parts

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Fire Hydrant Wrenches

Fire Hydrant Wrenches    
FHW-3N1 FITS 1 ½” - 1 ¼” PENTAGON AND 1” SQUARE HYDRANTS 1" solid steel handle 24” overall

DSHW FITS 1 ½” PENTAGON HYDRANTS,   Handle made of  1” Solid steel bar   20” long WITH DEEP SOCKET PENTAGON

APPROX. WT.   5#
APPROX. WT.   5#

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