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Gate Valve Key Ring and Bar


Ring and Bar Gate Valve Keys are designed to use with bar handle (not provided) for use on 2" Operating Nuts and are made with a 1 1/2" outside diameter A500B round tubing which is heavier than most keys and have a laser cut 2" opening 5/8" thick, 4" OD top. 

Custom tool sizes are available for the Water Valve Keys, for lengths greater than 8 feet, add $2 per foot to the listed price.

Designed for extreme use.

1 1/2" OD handles available $2/foot

RBK-05 5 FEET   $70.00
RBK-06 6 FEET   $75.00
RBK-07 7 FEET   $80.00
RBK-08 8 FEET   $85.00


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