Water Key, LLC is a manufacturer of Water Works tools

Commercial Grade Tools - No Rebar or Castings

Water Key manufactures our own water works tools and equipment for our product catalog. Our products and supplies are sold at wholesale prices directly to those supporting water industry. What is the water industry? The water industry provides the services needed for moving water around from lakes, stream, and rivers to the end user. All of our products are Made in America

Who is involved in the water industry? The water industry is made up of companies, associations, groups and agencies like water utility industries, wastewater utilities, fire departments, wastewater treatment industries, municipal agencies, government agencies, environmental agencies, engineering firms, water line contractors, and other water utility product suppliers, distributors, resellers and vendors.

Family Owned and Operated since 1998

Made In America

Save Money by buying your water works products directly from a manufacturer, not a reseller.